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Android Application Development

Appreator Technologies is a top-notch Android App Development company. We have credible and vast expertise in Android App Development as per our client’s requirements. Our Android App Development experts are capable of creating mobile apps for companies from various sectors.

Need more proof of our expertise in Android App Development? We have over 10+ years of experience in app development, have deployed over 100+ apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, and have worked with countless clients who refer us to other companies.

Our Android app development process

Analysis of app requirements

Our first step includes analyzing the business goals, Android app requirements, and in-depth analysis to chart out an Android app development project plan

Create Strategy

Before kicking off our Android development journey, our team discusses and offers technical advice and strategy to our clients in order to implement the most well suited app development technology stack.

Create wire framing and designing

After crafting a strategy, we move on to create a blueprint of the app, which shows the specific wire framing and designing plan for the Android app development.


After conquering the design aspect of the Android app, we customize and begin the app development process as per our client’s requirements.

Quality testing

Before launching our client’s Android app, our expert team tests the app before its launch to make sure everything is working just right.

Android App Launch

Finally, our team deploys the Android app and provides complete post-launch care to our clients in the form of maintenance, improvement, and support services.

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Technology Stack for Android app development

With 10+ years of experience in crafting polished Android applications, we use tools and technologies that work best for our clients. We use the same toolkit and customize their use as per our client’s requirements. 

Over the years, our team has carefully selected a few tools that have proven to be efficient in creating robust and secure Android Apps. Check out our Android tech stack below!




Design Tools

Are you looking to accelerate the growth of your company by creating Android apps that are best-in-class? Feel free to discuss your business goals with us. Our developers are capable of catering to all your Android needs.

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