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Typerium Graphics & Video | Content creator app for social media in year 2024. | Best Designing App for Users for iOS and Android

Content creation on the web is a bit like trying to navigate through waters frequented by pirates. You might get through unscathed, but there is always someone out there who will take your work and either copy it directly or use it as the basis for their own.


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What’s worse, there are hardly any qualms about this practice. In fact, whole communities exist online where content creators share stories of people who think they are entitled to a piece of work without having to pay for it, and these are just the people who have the audacity to ask for freebies. There are probably 10 more who are happy to just steal the work regardless.

Technologies, policies, and security solutions have been developed in an attempt to mitigate this content piracy, but nothing has been truly effective to-date. After, we all work and exist in the WWW — the Wild, Wild, Web.

A new app being launched this year is set to change this reality, switching the advantage to content creators all over the globe. The app is called Typerium.

Over 60,000 FREE videos to create next level content for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and much more…


Say goodbye to licensing. Say hello to Typerium.

Creating professional content is expensive and time consuming. Typerium changes that by providing you with over 660,000 bespoke design assets, absolutely free.


• Exclusive to Typerium.

• Created by the world’s leading designers.

• 18 custom built variable dynamic type layouts.

• Single click. Millions of combinations.

• Built to look amazing with any amount of text.


• Hand-drawn. By calligraphers. The real deal.

• Over 4,500 quotes from calligraphers.

• 45 categories across all interests.

Proud to be the only “content-creation” platform raising awareness for equality and mental health.


• Over 500+ fonts from the world’s leading designers.

• Every style you can imagine, to suit any occasion.

• Add text to your photos.

• Change the font, size, layout, spacing, colour, and more.


• Crop, adjust, overlay, edit, and re-colour photos instantly.

• Choose from over 500,000 professional photos.

• Upload from your camera roll, or snap directly in-app.

• Filters, effects, overlays and more to give it that extra.


• Create posts for Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, and more.

• Publish to social media networks with a single click.

• Predefined layouts for specific social media network sizes.

• Download and save in app, or to your device for later.


• Create high quality branded content.

• A design powerhouse in the palm of your hand.

• Boost your productivity and save a fortune doing so.

• Create, edit, save, download, publish all from one place.

• High Resolution retina quality output.

• Up to 95% cheaper than desktop rival alternatives.


• Create and publish content in seconds.

• Over 45,000 design elements

• Over 40,000 icons

• Over 20,000 backgrounds

• Over 7,000 shapes

• Over 4,500 hand-drawn quotations

• Unlimited free access to 500,000+ stock images.

• 150+ pre-sized social media layouts for multiple platforms

• Gradients, textures, patterns, colours, paint, effects, and shapes.

• Share to social media with a single click.

• Social media templates for posts, banners, avatars, and more.

• Design book covers, invitations, birthday cards, and more.

• Perfect for designing t-shirts, and merchandise.

• Save, store, edit, and download your creations.

• Inspire the world with our world class pre-made quotations.

• Ai based smart typographic variable layout templates.

• Ready made social media sized layouts.

• Design your own brand logo, and branded content.

• Save a fortune in licensing fees. One payment. Yours forever.

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